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To our clients, 

It is with great excitement that we announce a joining of forces between Weiler & Company and S&A Partners effective February 13, 2021. Over the past few months, we have spent a lot of time with S&A Partners and we are impressed. Our two firms have a similar client base and specialize in owner-managed businesses as well as personal tax and cross-border taxation. We are confident that this will be good for our clients and for us moving into the future.

As part of our rebranding initiative, going forward we will be known as WCO. Although the name and look are new, we will still be offering the same great service to our clients. We are proud to provide accounting and assurance services, personal tax preparation, tax planning, cross-border tax services, estate planning and compliance, as well as consulting and advisory services.


Who is S&A Partners?

S&A Partners is a team out of Oakville. Their firm has been operating since 2008 with Sanjeev being in the profession much longer.  Sanjeev and Arpit offer their clients many of the same services as we do, with Sanjeev assisting many clients in obtaining financing and Arpit providing specialized IT and tax services. These added resources will bring enhanced benefits to our clients. To learn more about their team, please visit

Who will I contact?

You will still be contacting the same person that has been assigned to your account – there will be no change there.  However, you may be introduced to Arpit & Sanjeev over the coming months as he will be working in tandem with your pre-existing contacts.

Will there be a change in the services and fees?

In the coming months, we will add a host of new services such as financing, financial planning and IT services. However, we will continue to offer the existing services in mostly the same way.  There will be some changes in procedures but these changes are mostly due to the pandemic and modernization efforts.  There will be no changes to the fee structure as a direct result of this new arrangement.  Every effort will be made to ensure you are satisfied with the transition. 

Where should I send my information?

The office address has not changed.  However, while we are still living through the pandemic, the office is not open to the public.  You can continue to drop off records and documents through the mail-slot in the front door, or you can send documents through our portal, or you can email us.

If you would like to use the portal and have not done so previously, please call Trish at 519 837 3111.

Our email addresses will soon be changed to reflect the name change.  However, we will continue receiving emails using our previous email addresses for several months. 


Will there be other changes?

Yes!  We will soon unveil an exciting new look for us and we will be launching our new website shortly (please visit  Some of our processes will be modernized and will be less paper focused. 

What won’t change is our commitment to our clients, our community and our colleagues.


We look forward to continuing to work side by side with our valued clients and colleagues with whom we have developed such good relationships over the years.

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